Tuesday, June 30, 2015

How to become a successful real estate investor?

There are several features that are common to all successful investors, which reads as follows: 

1. successful investors have plans and employment It's as easy as that assume a pen and paper and find out independently in five or ten years financially like you two. One other thing is to wake up every morning and do what must be done to achieve this goal. Real life is somehow always the project long term. Successful investors and combat its tendency to see the "big picture" and they make not only a list of targets, but they plan to focus their day achieve that goal. Investment in real estate is the only profession in Indonesia who have formal trainingcurriculum standards do not exist. Since your success as a real estate investor whomostly depends on your ability to get useful information and advice when you need it, and because educational institutions not to treat the problems of non-critical asteaching as a tenant in their local community to pay, the only way is to find answers,teach the details of that activity to find a mentor. Choosing a mentor are motivated, accessible knowledge and high ethical standards, and business. Do not abuse the trust of mentor you to constantly ask for informationyou read through that could. And don't forget the thank you, mentor you lunch,brought an invitation to inform the gift certificates from your favorite restaurants and of course the exciting opportunity for him, if you know it. Where to find mentors?View into the nonprofit association of real estate investment Associations or owners.There are to many people share. 

2. only the best preserved successful investor Most real estate investors sell their property is not effective. Maintain the propertyyears despite losing money, is not the purpose of the owner. Successful investors at least once a year to review their portfolios and get rid of all of the properties that could damage with loss of utilities. 

3. successful investors protect their assets What if a large portfolio of real estate, one application can undo all of yourachievements? Why is the financial independence that would be achieved if all reachthat could end up in the hands of the State? Why reduce the average real estateinvestor control really does not have a fee for the largest annual-? Set up everything to protect assets against the debtor, claims and taxes are boring, complicated andinvolves a long time. But a successful real estate investor taking the time to do, to ensure that they remain in a hard money in their hands. 

4. successful investors have a code of honor We tend to think our investment activities in terms of stones and money. Real estate business is about people. Without sellers, tenants, suppliers, brokers, etc. there would be no business of real estate. And as your business activities affect many others, it is important to choose to be treated as people, who every day with you on contact tocome. Because there is no formal code of conduct real estate investors, but it depends on to decide because the behavior towards our customers, tenants, vendors, employeesand so on. Take some time to think about their activities and how they affect peoplewith whom you have contact. 

5 successful investor including his family Investors who are really successful is that love is based. So, because of the real estateactivity generally involves thousands of dollars in expenses, and your business willtake time for his family was posted. It is important to sit down and talk to any member of your family who are alreadyquite aged, alone eat and explain what you are doing and why it is so important to have your help. If you have a spouse who is reluctant to allow friends, invest in this House that you both want a second mortgage, send them doing a course ininvestment. Some of the concerns of their members is quite natural, but it will disappear, if they understand what you are doing. 

6 successful investors will be trained permanently. Rules for real estate business is changing in time. A successful investor because it has to update the changes in the land and housing. 

7 successful investors find out, what they have learned Like the successful investors are successful, investors need to mentor the mentor. To transfer to beginners in their knowledge, they can keep the industry alive and You give others the opportunity to gain financial independence while on the performance ofyour own good they feel. That is what is called a success.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015


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