Friday, April 29, 2011

Meadow Engagement Shoot with a cute twist...


So I bathed myself in sunshine again yesterday during this adorable engagement shoot in a local hazy meadow, I'm really getting used to this weather I hope it lasts!

Now how sweet are these photos of Shaun, Fiona and their 6 month old baby boy?! I was so please when they asked if they could bring Billy into their engagement shoot - ahead of their October wedding. As most of you know and by my company name I only shoot weddings, so this was a lovely treat to photograph this super cute little family!

Rebecca x

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A Bank Holiday Kew Gardens Engagement Shoot!


Yesterday was glorious, I photographed such a sweet couple at The Royal Botanical Gardens in Kew. It was a truly beautiful bright sunny day and those gardens are a stunning place with so many different photographic opportunities, our two hour engagement shoot swiftly turned in to four as we wondered the grounds. And I enjoyed every single minute of it!

I just had to share some of the gorgeous photographs...

Rebecca x

Monday, April 25, 2011

On Vacation until May 2nd

Hey everyone! Please note we are on vacation until May 2nd and will have limited access until then. And since every post looks better with photo, here's one of our little Bowser...

Friday, April 22, 2011

Happy Easter!!

"And why do you worry about clothes? See how the lilies of the field grow. They do not labor or spin. Yet I tell you that not even Solomon in all his splendor was dressed like one of these. If that is how God clothes the grass of the field, which is here today and tomorrow is thrown into the fire, will he not much more clothe you, O you of little faith?"- Matthew 6:28-30

Thursday, April 21, 2011

The "First Look" at your wedding

A "First Look" is one of the best things ever invented in the wedding industry. It's when the bride and groom see each other before the ceremony and get to share their reactions with just the two of them. Afterwhich, the couple takes pictures and then gets to enjoy the entire day together. After all, your wedding is about YOU, the couple, and it's really better for the flow of the day if you see each other before the wedding.

I am pleading my case below as to why it's not only better, but almost necessary for you on your wedding day.

1) Enjoy Cocktail hour- You will get to enjoy your cocktail hour! Cocktail hour is no doubt the greatest part of the reception. The food is incredible, and its when everyone gets together and talks about how beautiful the ceremony was. Instead of you and your family enjoying the best part of the reception, you'll have to miss it because of pictures.

2) Think of your guests- If you choose to push the cocktail hour back an hour while you take pictures, your guests will have to wait an hour and may get restless or annoyed.

3) Helps you relax- You will be more calm on your wedding day if you do a "first look". Once you see your husband or bride to be, all of your nerves will go away and you will get to really enjoy the day.

4) The two of you- The first look will be between you and your groom, while if you wait until the ceremony, there will be hundreds of eyes upon you and it's really not about the two of you. During the "First look" the couple is more emotional and the photos really capture that.

5) Photography is important- You no doubt paid a lot of money on your photography, and it's very important to have enough time to capture all of the photos needed. You don't want to be rushed thinking about getting to the cocktail hour because the photos will show if you are stressed no matter how great a photographer may be. The photos are the ONLY thing you will have from the wedding day to remember it in 10 years. The food will be eaten, no one will remember the exact songs played, but the photos will last forever.

6) Light is important- If you are getting married on a Friday or close to sunset, it is absolutely necessary to see each other before-hand due to the lack of light. Photography is the art of capturing light and this is especially crucial if you hire a photographer that specializes in natural light photography.

7) Lack of time- Timelines are never how you plan them. Almost every ceremony I've ever photographed has gone over 15 minutes or started 15 minutes late. That combined with traffic, receiving line (which can take up to 30 minutes), etc... will alter the timeline of your wedding. If you're planning to take pictures during cocktail hour, you may only have 20 minutes, which is really not enough time to capture family, bridal party and couple photos. If you do a "first look" you will have enough time, and also have extra time for more creative photos! For example, the couple below had enough time to go to a farm to take pictures!

8) More detail shots- You spent a lot of money on the floral arrangements, favors and cake and those pictures are important. If the photographer is taking pictures during the cocktail hour, then we have to take the detail shots when the other guests are entering the reception. This is not ideal because there might be guests walking in the background of the flower and cake photos. If you do a "first look" this will never happen.

9) Many couples fear the "bad luck" that will come with seeing each other beforehand. It is an old tradition, along the same lines as when brides used to wear "sixpence" coins in their shoe. The coin tradition is now considered archaic, as will be waiting until seeing each other before the ceremony in a few years. Also, my husband and I saw each other before the wedding and we are doing just fine :)

10) It's your wedding- Everyone has their opinions about your wedding. And often times, the couple will try to accommodate every single person's requests. But at the end of the day, it's really about you and what will make you happy. If you do a first look, you will be happier with the pictures, get to enjoy the cocktail hour, your guests and family will be happier, and you will be more relaxed and less rushed. That sounds like an ideal wedding to me :)

Michelle and Graham's "First Look"

Allowing them for time to go to an amazing farm, and take beautiful pictures...

(Please look for these images in the upcoming New Jersey Bride Magazine on stands soon!)

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Workshop {Re-Cap}

For those who are regular readers of my blog, you know I'm not one for words. But I really can't say enough about how much I was inspired by everyone who came to my workshop Saturday. You have such a passion for photography and love! It was an honor to help you out in any way I could to make you the "New Generation" of wedding photographers. A generation that builds each other up, instead of brings each other down. Ones that take pride in what they do and edit each photo with love and care. I just want to give a special thanks to our sponsors and also Meghan for providing the amazing cuppycakes with my logo, Vanessa Joy and Erin M. for all of the help you gave! (I couldn't have done it without you), Krysalis Kreations for the AMAZING hair and makeup, and Diana and Adam for being such an awesome wedding couple!!! You both were so great to work with and I LOVED the faux hawk!!

Here are some pictures from the workshop :) Check out the amazing customized Totes bags provided by the lovely ladies at

Sunday, April 17, 2011

First Booth Photos... enjoy! x


Double post wow what a treat! hehe :-)

So I photographed my first booth this Saturday at Paula & Mark's Wedding is Chanies, Buckinghamshire! I am so please with the results it was so much fun, all the guests totally embraced the idea and we got some hilarious images!

Cool huh? I absolutely cannot wait for my next one now!
Rebecca x

Columbian Beauty weds English Gent... Sneak Peek...


Here is a sneaky peek at some stunning photos from an absolutely amazing April wedding this Saturday.

I had such a fantastic time and its was such a pleasure to photograph Paula & Mark's special day, the weather was perfect, the bride was stunning in a gorgeous vintage style lace dress that her aunt handmade! The groom was cool and a true english gent, the guest we're so much fun and fully embraced my photo-booth... I loved them all!

Rebecca x

Friday, April 15, 2011

Workshop Sold Out!!!

I am so honored and truly excited about my first workshop! It's completely sold out and I really can't wait to meet everyone!
I'm also beyond excited to thank all of our workshop sponsors who have provided give-a-ways, door prizes and more to every single attendee! Special thanks to Wedding Chicks, Shootsac & Hipslip, The B School, Simply Canvas and Simply Color Lab, West Coast Albums, BluDomain, Adorama, WHCC, Totally Rad Actions, Kubota Actions, Red Leaf Actions, Starlit Nest, PhVusion, Petal Beach Flowers, Mystorybookromance, Stein Logos and Watters.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Nominated for best NYC photographer on!!!

Wow! I am just incredibly honored this morning to have been awarded one of the best photographers for NYC on!!! I was actually nominated back in the fall, and they have a very strict approval process that it took a few months to hear back. Thank you so much to LoveOlio and Swoon blog! I am beyond an excited and it is a true honor!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Published on The Pretty Blog! South Africa's best wedding blog!

This morning I am so excited to find out that our Styled shoot at The Ashford Estate has been published on South Africa's best wedding blog The Pretty Blog!!! Thank you so much Nicola, Christine and The Pretty Blog for this publication! I absolutely love what you do and am always inspired by you!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

The Prop Trunk...

So today I dug out this gorgeous vintage trunk that I bought and painted late last year, it was such a fantastic find especially the original floral lining it looks really tatty-pretty!

I bought it to store, transport and on the day present all my photo-booth props in - as I'm sure you will agree it really suits my vintage-y theme for the 'booth' and all the props look fantastic arranged inside!

As it was such a beautiful sunny day today I decided it would be the perfect setting to photograph all of my props with the trunk...and my favorite has to be the Native American Chief Headdress...AMAZING! I just cannot wait for my next wedding on the 16th to see the results from my first booth session!

My Prop Trunk currently includes:
Native American Headdress
Movie Clapper board
'Bang' Gun
Mickey Mouse Ears
Bunny Ears
Sheriff's Badge
Mini Union Jack Flag
Smoking Pipe
Mustache Prop-Pops
Lip Prop-Pops
Heart Prop-Pops

2x Beach Windmills
Large Ornate Frame
Large Yellow Flower
2x Heart Blackboards
2x Speech Bubble Blackboards
2x Vintage Label Blackboards

Lots and lots of message Prop-Pops (including: Just Married, Mr & Mrs, Bride & Groom, Congratulations, Hitched, I Love U, Happily Ever After, Thank-you & lots more...)

I'm just looking on getting some fun glasses next week and I think I'll be all set! 
If you have any suggestions of props that you would like to see in the trunk - 
please email me at:

Rebecca x

Friday, April 8, 2011

Thank you cards and save the dates

We're happy to announce that we will be offering free designs for thank you cards and save the dates to all of our clients! Please look for them in the front of your online proofing galleries! :)



Thursday, April 7, 2011

Published in Hey Gorgeous!

Yay! So excited to be published on the Hey Gorgeous blog! They are so awesome and I just love the layout and daily wedding inspirations! A huge thank you to my bride Kristen for giving such an awesome interview and for being so fun to work with! I can't wait for your wedding!! Special thanks to Rhiannon for having such an amazing blog and being so sweet!!!


Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Published in WellWed NY Blog!

I'm so excited this morning to learn that Michelle and Charles 10-10-10 wedding has been published in WellWed. Their blog covers NY, Cape Cod, Nantucket, Martha's Vineyard, The Hamptons, and more... WellWed is definitely one of my favorite publications for inspiration in the wedding community and it's such an honor to be published again. Thank you so much WellWed!