Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Rosemary and Bill {Engaged} Jersey Shore inspired shoot

I was so excited to shoot a Jersey Shore inspired engagement shoot with Rosemary and Bill. Even though the light was beyond harsh and not ideal, the backgrounds and props from the amusement park were so much fun to shoot with. The photoshoot was taken on Jenkinsons boardwalk in Point Pleasant, NJ.

I love this shot below because we actually saw President Obama's helicopters fly over the beach.

The next two shots are the hardest shots I've ever taken in my life. First, the ride was spinning and I was in front. Then I had to turn around during the whole ride which made me EXTREMELY dizzy! Then, I had to keep the shutter speed slow enough so the background blurred but Rosemary and Bill were still in focus and I had to constantly keep re-focusing and panning. Finally, I am afraid of heights lol. I really love how they turned out but I will never do this shot again ;)

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