Monday, September 19, 2011

Chasing Groundhogs... (and why I love my husband)

When I got my first camera, it became my ultimate goal-
To capture an amazing picture of a Groundhog! I know it sounds silly, but watching CaddyShack as a teen, I thought groundhogs were the cutest animals ever. I tried chasing the groundhogs to get a good picture of one, but it's harder than you would think. The have all these secret holes they easily run into. I told my wonderful husband John of my goal and he was supportive lol. As you all know, I started photographing weddings and my dream had to take a back seat. Several years passed... and anytime I was at an engagement shoot in a park I would see a groundhog far far in the distance. My instincts would say "just tell the couple you will be right back and run over there to get a picture of it!". But of course, I could never do that. My couples mean more to me than my silly dream from several years ago...

Then it happened! It happened when I least expected it...

I was photographing a beautiful wedding at a golf course when all of a sudden the bride turns to me and tells me to look by the tree. To my surprise, there lay the fluffiest groundhog I had ever laid eyes on. He was just like the one in the movie! The cutest bubbly cheeks and little whiskers. I grabbed my zoom lens and alas my dream had been fulfilled! I was ecstatic but no one would realize how excited I was. No one could possibly know how much time I had spent chasing groundhogs to get this one perfect shot. This was a shot that was years in the making!

So I decide to text my wonderful Husband John. I didn't think he would remember because it was so long ago.

He remembered!!!
I was just so happy, even more happy than actually photographing the ground hog. I love my husband because he really knows me. He knows me better than I know myself and I'm just really grateful to God for blessing me so much. And I'm also grateful to be there for my brides on their wedding days, to photograph them with the person who knows them better than anyone. Marriage truly is a gift from God....

And here is the picture that would make Bill Murray himself jealous!

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