Saturday, June 20, 2009

Special Olympics- Inspiring story

I wanted to apologize for not posting for a while. I had bronchitis for 2 weeks and I have an awful lot to catch up on!! My husband and I had the great opportunity last week to volunteer with the Special Olympics at TCNJ. It was the most amazing experience! I was volunteering with the softball teams and want to share this story.

A fantastic pitcher from one of the teams kept getting really hard calls from the umpire. Everyone in the audience would know it was a strike. But the umpire kept calling balls for some reason. The pitcher paid no mind and just kept doing his best. He did an amazing job. Even when he was up to bat he kept hitting doubles and such amazing hits that everyone in the audience would stand!

After the game, we all congratulated the players on their fantastic efforts. Well when everyone left, one of the coaches came up to the volunteers and we said how amazing the pitcher was. He turned to us and said "Do you know that young man is legally blind"...

I have never been more inspired in my life. That pitcher showed me that nothing is impossible!

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